Updated Britelites Color Review

Back in 2015 I posted a review of Britelites Temporary Hair Color, after trying one color. Thanks to Sara Rose, creator of Britelites, I was able to try all the colors in January of 2016. I took pictures of the colors in my hair shortly after, and finally had the time to post them now.

Here’s how the colors look on my dark hair. All photos were shot immediately after the product was applied, with no additional touching or treatment. The colors were not enhanced with post-processing.

Starting with the Vivids


Hover over the thumbnail for color name. Click for larger image.

The colors that showed up the brightest were Rose Red, Orange, Gold, Turquoise, and Blue. Indigo is not as intense. Green and Purple are subtle. Purple is more of a tint.

Now on to the Pastels

pastelsThe Pastels are recommended for lighter hair colors. (I am aware that a new color Peach Quartz has since been added, but I don’t have that one, hence no photo.)

As you can see, they are visible on my dark hair. Whether or not you like the results depends on the look you want. Mint doesn’t work for me, but I love how Lilac looks on my hair.

Other Remarks

  • I was able to learn more about how to apply Britelites from watching Sara’s videos. One problem that I mentioned in my first review was that the color would disappear after I used my fingers to work the pigment through my hair. Then I watched this video, and noticed that she doesn’t touch where she applied the color, so it stayed bright. In the application video, you can see that she uses her fingers just to smooth out any chunks.
  • Colors can be layered and blended, as shown in this video. Somehow, Turquoise looks more green than blue on my hair, but I applied it over Blue to get the desired color. The same can be done for wearing a Pastel color over a brighter color.

Turquoise applied over Blue

  • It’s not uncommon for little flakes of product to fall during application, and they can stain. (I still have some blue spots on my carpet, but it’s old, so that’s okay.) For easier clean up, I recommend applying it over a non-porous surface.

Flakes of Britelites that I collected after an application.

  • I had mentioned in my previous review that the strong spike lavender smell bothered me. According to Sara, (as of December 2015) they’ve reformulated it and “no longer use lavender fragrance but we still do use small amount of Bulgarian lavender essential oil.” There still was a bit of the smell, but it wasn’t as strong as before, so it’s less bothersome.

How does it compare to hair chalk?
After using both Britelites and hair chalk, these are my impressions. Britelites gives a nice shiny color that lasts longer. Hair chalk looks matte. I think of hair chalk like a dry shampoo. I haven’t had it dry out my hair, possibly because my hair is naturally oily. That might be why Britelites tends to cause my hair to clump after a few hours. Results may vary from individual to individual.

These two photos were taken on the same day. One immediately after application, and the other seven hours later. I avoided touching both areas during the time. Britelites Rose Red is on the left and hair chalk is on the right. I did not seal the hair chalk with hairspray. It’s possible that the color would have lasted longer had I done so.


Immediately after application.


Seven hours later. Some of the hair chalk has fallen out, resulting in a faded appearance. Britelites color is still nice and strong. However, the hair is a bit more clumped.

In the end, it boils down to the kind of look you want, how each product works with your hair type, and how much money you’re willing to spend. The ease of application for both is about the same, if you skip the hairspray step for hair chalk. I do like that Britelites is made to be used on its own, without requiring other products. Keep in mind that they are both temporary hair color, hence the color will transfer when touched.

When I first tried Britelites, I really wanted to like it, so I was disappointed when the Purple wasn’t as vivid as I hoped it would be. After trying some other colors, I am happy to say that I would buy this product again. My favorite colors are Rose Red, Blue, and Lilac.

Disclaimer: I received the product for free but all opinions are my own. I am not making money from this review or affiliate links.

Britelites Temporary Hair Color Review

Update 2/28/17: A new review that shows all the colors on dark hair has been posted here.

Recently I learned about Britelites temporary hair color, which comes in a twist up tube and is supposedly better than hair chalk. With any hair color product, my first question is will show up on dark hair? As soon as I found out that it does, I had to give it a try.

The only place where it is physically sold in this part of the country is Free People. (Or what I call Free-Spending People because their items are pricey and I don’t even like the styles.) They are also sold on the BritelitesColor website, but I figured I could save the shipping expense by going to Free People. It cost the same there as it does online. Ten dollars for lip-balm sized hair color is a lot to me, but my boyfriend was nice and bought it for me.

Britelites hair color purple

The store I went to only had the colors Ice and one last Purple in stock. There was a tester for Ice, so I tried it. The color shows up, but it looks too light for my liking (it’s recommended for light hair), so I bought the last Purple without trying it.


Britelites color Ice on my dark hair.

Although Purple is one of the colors that is recommended for dark hair and light hair, when I tried it, it doesn’t look that noticeable, unless there’s light directly shining on it. The color that I really want is Red, which is described as “between hot pink and a true red,” and will look better than pink on dark hair.

I did not use hairspray or a flat iron after applying, as neither of those were mentioned in the directions. The following two pictures were taken right after application, with no combing (which includes using hands) or styling.

Britelites purple hair color on dark hair

Britelites color Purple on my dark hair.

Britelites Purple hair color on dark hair

I had fun experimenting with this striped feather look. It was rather easy to do.

Here are my impressions so far:

  1. It’s temporary. I can still maintain a professional appearance when I have to.
  2. It shows up on dark hair. Yes and no. [Edit: Some colors show up better than others.]
  3. It’s pretty easy to apply.
  4. It lasts. The color was still visible 12 hours after application. Then I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, the color was still there. It didn’t make a mess on my pillow. It was still mostly there after 24 hours. I washed my hair as I normally do and there were still traces of color.


  1. I needed a lot to coat the strand all around so that the color will show. It’s possible that it’s because a dark color like purple doesn’t stand out on my dark hair, but a lighter color would.
  2. It’s messy to apply. It washed off my hands pretty easily with soap. P1120066cbq
  3. It transfers. I found some purple on my arm. If I toss my hair behind my shoulders, I find purple on my hands. This is inevitable and goes with other temporary hair color products as well.
  4. It makes your hair clump, so that it’ll look stringy as though it hasn’t been washed for days. I didn’t brush my hair after applying it because I read a review saying that it gets on the hairbrush. The clumping is taken care of when I follow the directions that say to “use fingers to work pigment through hair.” However, when I do that, the color becomes so diffused that it’s not obvious on my hair. [Edit: Don’t touch it after applying.] Perhaps a brighter color would still be visible, but the purple blends into the black.

    Right after application. I coated the strand all the way around.

    I used my fingers... where did the color go?

    I used my fingers. Where did the color go?

    It's not all gone; more like just a tint that's visible under a direct light source.

    The color is not all gone; it’s more like a tint that’s only visible under direct light. (I held my hair at a different angle to take this photo.) That, and a lot of it is on my hand.

Other comments

One of the ingredients is lavender essential oil. It smells more like spike lavender than English lavender. The scent is pretty strong, so I felt like I was perpetually walking around in a natural foods store. It’s not a problem if you like the smell. Personally, I’m not a fan of it. (I would have listed it as a con, but I know some people like it, which is why I’m mentioning it separately.) The lavender scent was still detectable after two washes, though it was significantly lighter by then.


I am a bit disappointed with this product, mostly because it’s not visibly bright unless I use a lot of it, which causes my hair to stick together. The smell is also bothersome. Had I been able to try a Purple tester at the store, I would not have bought this color.

Compared to hair chalk, Britelites is just as messy (transfers) and temporary, but has that lavender smell and costs much more. I am tempted to say that it doesn’t show up as brightly as hair chalk, but that could be due to the choice in color, so I haven’t established that as fact. After all, black hair chalk won’t be noticeable on my hair. With regards to not being as drying as hair chalk, I don’t use hair chalk so frequently to have noticed any drying of my hair, so that particular benefit doesn’t matter much to me.

That said, I still am willing to try Britelites in Red, in hopes that it will show up more than the Purple did on my dark hair. If I ever get my hands on a tube of Red, I will update this review.

Update 1/26/2016: I was recently able to try other colors of Britelites, and some do show up better on dark hair than others. You can see pictures of all the colors, and additional remarks about the product here.