Christmas cookies

On Saturday my boyfriend and I made cookies. He made the dough and did the baking, and I did most of the decorating. It was our first attempt at making icing using meringue powder, and it took several modifications (i.e. adding water) before we got it to the consistency that I could work with. It also took a lot more food coloring than we expected, so we settled for the pink and turquoise instead or red and green. (We later learned that there is concentrated icing color that is to be used to color icing.)

We only had three squeeze bottles, and four colors, so we tried putting the icing into a plastic bag and cutting off a corner. That works, but it didn’t give me as much control as I would have liked, which explains why the white icing appeared a bit clumpy.


The marbling is done using a toothpick.



These were some of my earlier attempts, before I had an idea of how to decorate them. (I prefer eating less icing too.)



I was giving the stained glass window cookies a try, and since it worked, I plan to use them for another project.

Autumn/Halloween Cookies

My boyfriend and I made cookies since we were having guests. He made the dough and did the actual baking. I rolled the dough and cut the cookies with cutters, and I did most of the decorating. It was our fourth time making sugar cookies together, and we had made enough mistakes the previous times to be able to get them very delicious this time. It was my first time decorating with store-bought icing and squeezing it out of tubes. The only other time I had decorated cookies before was with homemade icing and letting it fall from spoons.

P1080304cqThe green, black, and white were Wilton decorating gels. We did not know at the time that they take a long time to dry (like a day). Six hours later they still hadn’t dried so if you weren’t careful, they would smear or transfer onto other surfaces. I drew the faces on the jack-o’-lanterns freehand. Someone asked if I had used a stencil. It hadn’t occurred to me to do that. It does feel weird to eat something black. I kept wondering is that even edible?

Anyway, the cookies were a hit. Our guests said they were delicious and left with a bunch of them, so we didn’t have to eat them all ourselves (sparing us of all that sugar and fat.) I look forward to decorating more cookies for the holidays to come.

All the cookies we made that day.

All the cookies we made that day. My boyfriend drew the more creative faces.