Rainbow “flower” necklace

This was a necklace that I designed back in 2009, but didn’t get around to making until a few months ago. I had had a dry spell for at least three years, but someone told me that I’m creative, and a few days later I was sitting in church when this idea (and four others) came to mind. I plan on making this in other colors, but my reason for choosing the “rainbow” scheme this time was that I had too many orange beads lying around unused, and this design was able to incorporate orange without it being too much. (For those of you wondering why I’m talking about orange in particular, it’s my least favorite color.)



In the event that I do get around to opening an Etsy store, this item will be available. I’m currently trying to come up with a good store name. Any suggestions?

Purple shell and amethyst earrings

Update — I added a photo of a similar pair being worn.

My boyfriend commissioned me to make earrings for his niece’s birthday present. I decided to replicate the ones that I made for my sister for Christmas last year, except with ear wires instead of clips. I was concerned that it would look off balanced because the clips have a little ball at the top but the wires don’t, but I think it still turned out fine.


Placing them against something flat doesn’t do them justice. They look much better when hanging freely, like when they’re worn, so I’ll need to find something better to hang earrings from if I were to try to sell them online. The dyed mother-of-pearl and semi-precious amethyst have natural variation, hence each piece is unique.

It took me about three and a half hours to complete this pair. It’s been a while since I have made coils and loops with wire, so I was a bit rusty and it took several attempts before I could get it right. The amethyst beads that I had recently bought were a bit larger than the glass beads that I had previously used, so I had to make a larger coil for it to look proportionate. Unlike most of my other jewelry ideas that just appear in my head, I scrambled to come up with this design the day before Christmas last year. Although I had taken some photos, they weren’t clear due to poor lighting, so it took some time for me to figure out what I did. I also had some issues with finding seed beads that fit the wire, so that was time consuming.

If I were to really start an Etsy shop, I hope that I will be able to make these in two hours or less, so that I can keep the price in the $30 to $35 range. The materials were silver coated copper wire, crystals, dyed mother-of-pearl, and semi-precious amethyst. I am thinking of trying other color combinations.

Edit: I made a similar pair, with blue beads instead. Things went more smoothly and it took a little over one hour to make. I still like the size and shape of the crystals in the one above, so if I can find crystal rounds in other colors, I might try those instead of the glass beads that I used. I would replace the seed beads with more subtle colored ones, so the blue isn’t overpowering. I also wish I can find shell beads in that shape that are dyed blue, so I can make a pair that are different shades of blue.


Pardon the stray hairs. 🙂