Peace plate, redone

Last year I posted photos of a plate that I had made for my ceramics class in 2009. I had designed an ambigram of the word “peace” and spent an afternoon carving the design onto a slab plate. Unfortunately, it cracked during the firings, so I hoped to make another one if I ever had the chance.


When I started ceramics again in November last year, I was in a luminary phase. This April, when I was feeling uninspired, I decided to attempt to make another plate with the peace ambigram. This time I had a nice square shaped plate to use as a mold. It was actually a compostable plate so I wrapped it in a plastic bag so the clay wouldn’t get stuck to it. I chose to orient the word diagonally across the plate so that it would be easier to detect the ambigram.

DSCF9223qI didn’t spend as much time carving the letters this time because I knew that once they got painted with underglaze, the details would get filled in and lost. It still was time consuming. I also made sure to not carve too deeply, as I think that might have started the crack in the other plate.


For those of you who want to know, the clay is B-mix with grog. I filled the letters in with AMACO Velvet Underglaze in Turquoise Blue (V-327) before the bisque firing, and then brushed on a clear glaze for the glaze firing. It was fired to cone 6. The clear glaze did form some bubbles, which are obvious over the letters, but it doesn’t bother me.

Peace plate

Here is another project that I made in 2009, that was previously posted on Xanga.

Since one of the assignments was to make a plate with words on it, I designed an ambigram of the word peace. I first carved it into the clay and then filled it with sky blue slip. After the slip dried I had to scratch off the excess. As a result of filling in the letters, my wonderful carving job does not show up.

The photos don’t show the colors accurately. The blue is actually a bright sky blue.

The picture is horizontal so you can turn your head to read the word from both sides. Easier than turning your screen upside down (unless you’re using a mobile device) or doing a headstand.


Unfortunately, it cracked during the bisque (first) firing.


It cracked more during the oxidation (second) firing, after I glazed it.

Unfortunately, Photoshop can’t fix things in real life. 😦

In the past I’ve said that I’ll definitely remake this if I have the chance, but I’m currently going through a luminary phase, so I think I might remake this if I run out of new ideas.