I write about whatever interests me at the moment, but my posts are commonly about what I’ve made. Other interests that I have are: photography ~ psychology ~ art ~ music ~ linguistics ~ vocabulary

I gave up my spot in medical school to pursue my dream of becoming a jewelry artist. The people who interact with me regularly say I’m quirky, but I don’t show my quirky side much here, since this site is for all to see. Other words that describe me are: shy ~ introverted ~ HSP ~ creative ~ forever curious ~ easily amused ~ witty ~ nerdy

If you’d like to know more about me, ask about my personal blog. It’s private because I don’t want certain individuals reading it. Whether or not I grant you access depends on the comments you leave on my public site, as well as the content of your blog, if you have one. For more information on how to gain access, see this post.

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I don’t do follow for follow. However, if you leave a thoughtfully written relevant comment on my post, I will visit your site.

All content on this site (including but not limited to text and images) is copyrighted unless stated otherwise. © 2013-2017 quirkyintrovert. All rights reserved. If you would like to use any content of this site, please ask me for permission first.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much. I’ve read your comment and only now I realise where the misunderstanding has come from. It is totally genuine and it shows me that I shouldn’t have written this post until time is more free.
    I am going to take it down and rewrite it at a later point as Kam will be asking me to read the comments. Which is fine, as mistakes are fine as long as we learn and improve.
    I have to smile though, because I sent a message to the blogger to say check it over and she must think I’m mad! Don’t worry I’ll acknowledge you and explain the mishaps, I certainly intended to and just could not see where I had gone wrong. Since reading your last comment I have realised I’ve credited the wrong person, It went straight over my head totally and I checked it so many times.
    However, Kam has asked me about “grey” colours this morning and at least I can explain it to him, which is the main purpose of me writing the posts! So, in that context there is definitely a positive.
    Feel free to delete this comment, I won’t be offended, but I needed to tell you what I have to do. Can’t stand the yucky feeling my haste has caused and those are mine!
    I can’t thank you enough and will emphasise it when I redo the post.
    Lots of good energy from us to you. Xx


    • Thank you for this comment. I understand that everyone has times when life gets more complicated, so it’s easy to make mistakes and not catch them. I am glad that Kam has gotten his question answered. Thanks again for your explanation. Sending good vibes to you two. 🙂

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