How would this make you feel? — Part 1

This question is for the ladies, but guys are welcome to chime in.

Imagine that you and your boyfriend of two years are meeting an old friend of his, who is visiting from out of state. It’s your first time meeting her. After introducing you, your boyfriend jokingly says, “I’m her big teddy bear,” referring to you. It’s a term he has used before, and you’re okay with it. Right after he says that, his friend jokingly says to him, “You’re my big teddy bear, too!” Your boyfriend laughs.

How would that make you feel? (I’d appreciate it if you could explain your reasoning, too.)

I will post Part 2 in a few days.


9 thoughts on “How would this make you feel? — Part 1

      • Maybe it was an accidentally flirtatious comment. Even so, you can tell your boyfriend that it was a flirtatious comment, even if it was an accident (or she didn’t intend to flirt, which is possible).

        Or maybe she talks flirtatiously to her friends. That’s possible too.

  1. i flipped this around to see it as my girlfriend and i are meeting her male friend for the first time. and she says something like that and he answers it the same.i would not think much if it was the only comment but if he continues to make such comments i would feel he was trying to come in between us and that he might have more than just friends feeling for her.

  2. I’d probably feel a bit uncomfortable, and hopefully it was just a one-time awkward/weird remark. But I suppose it depends on what the nature of their friendship and history was like. I’d probably ask my boyfriend, when the two of us were alone, what the meaning behind it was.

    I’ve never had a boyfriend so anything in regards to that kind of relationship or whatever is foreign to me haha

    • I agree that the nature of their friendship and history matters too. I don’t think never having had a boyfriend would change how you feel, but maybe I’m just a possessive person.

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