Black and White Mushrooms

I noticed some interesting-looking mushrooms on the lawn on my way to work in the morning. They have black caps and white stalks. I believe they are some species of inky cap mushroom, since the caps turn black and peel upward as it matures. However, there isn’t a way for me to definitively identify them without spore prints and DNA testing, and that’s not going to happen.

The first time I saw them, I stopped to take a few pictures. I wanted to take more after work, but by the time I returned, they had all shriveled and wilted. Counting on mushrooms to keep popping up overnight, I discovered more the next morning. These photos were taken over several days. I’m not sure if they’re all the same species, since I noticed at least four other distinct mushrooms on that lawn.



The cap is starting to turn upwards.


It’s common to see ripped, upturned caps.



This is what they look like by the afternoon. It’s hard to notice them at this stage unless you look carefully, because they no longer stick out from the grass.

If you have any idea which species of mushroom these are, let me know in a comment! (Scientific name preferred.)


6 thoughts on “Black and White Mushrooms

  1. A few years ago my dad was on this huge kick of hunting and identifying mushrooms in our neighborhood. Got all sorts of books, ripped out mushrooms and took them home during the evening dog walks, and even cooked the ones he identified as being edible. My mom and I were happy when that obsession ended haha

    I have no idea what the name is of this ‘shroom, but it’s very interesting how it curls up and has a black underside! Great photos.

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