Red and white mixed poppy

I noticed this red and white poppy among all the red poppies as I was walking to work yesterday.

I wonder if it’s a different variety that blooms later. After all, the red poppies bloomed later than the other wildflowers present, so I thought the first red one was special, until they all opened. The coloration could also be the result of a genetic mutation. If you know for certain, please leave a comment with more information.

Here’s a different view, showing the center. Unfortunately, the wind kept blowing as I was trying to take these photos, so it’s a bit blurry.

I’m curious if you’ve seen other ones like this. A quick Google search for red and white poppies only yielded solid color poppies that were either red or white, as well as a few that were both colors, but none looked like this one. I find it fascinating.

Edit: I thought I would have more luck searching by the scientific name of the red poppy, Papaver rhoeas. Anyway, this red and white flower appears to be a known variant of Papaver rhoeas, either “fairy wings” or “mother of pearl.” Thanks to doctoreeew for the tip!


11 thoughts on “Red and white mixed poppy

  1. These are a variety of poppy called Red Poppy. They are distinctly different than California poppies in a number of respects. If you google Red Poppy, you will find some pictures — some with fields of red and one white in the field. In that instance, the one you found would be a mix of the two colors.

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