Update on Shrek

It had rained over the weekend so I was concerned Shrek (from my previous post) would be soaked, but when I walked by Monday morning, he didn’t appear to be wet. His hat had come off and was resting on his back. I didn’t take a picture, though.

When I walked by this morning, the hat was back on his head, and he was looking bright and happy. I didn’t stop to take a picture, since I was already running late. I figured I would do so on my way home.

As I approached the tree this afternoon, something seemed different. Shrek was gone! I even looked at the other trees to see if he was in one of those, but he was nowhere to be found. The hat was on a picnic table at the other side of the playground.

So this is how it ends. I had fun checking on him every time I walked by and will miss doing so. Hopefully he was reunited with whoever lost him or found a nice new home (if he had indeed been abandoned).


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