Watching from the trees

I walk past a playground to get to and from work. About three weeks ago I noticed what appeared from the distance to be a large plush Shrek doll lying on a picnic table. The next day, I saw it up in a nearby tree.

Two days later, he was still there.


Every time I walk by, I’ve been checking to see if it’s still there. So far, it still is, but its position has changed. I wonder if that was because it was falling, or if someone repositioned it.

Last Friday, he had gone from standing to sitting.


At first I thought a child lost him, and as goes with many things lost by children around here, they’re never recovered. I’ve seen articles of clothing, a lone shoe, and pacifiers hanging from tree supports, waiting to be reunited with their owners. They remain there for months, getting battered by the wind and rain, fading under the sun. Then I wondered if maybe someone purposely left him behind. After all, I wouldn’t want a plush Shrek doll since I find it kind of ugly, though it is a bit cute. Then again, as a ogre, he is supposed to be ugly.

When I passed by on Sunday, I was surprised to see that someone had given him a hat! That made me wonder if he hadn’t been abandoned after all, and someone had put him there for fun.


It’s been raining these past two days. When I passed by yesterday afternoon, Shrek was still there, so perhaps he had been abandoned. He didn’t appear soaked, but I didn’t touch it to check. I fear the rain will render him moldy and stinky, but being out in the sun might help.

I’ll keep checking to see if he’s still there.


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