Some of my quirks

I believe that everyone is strange to some extent, in their own way, but we don’t let others in on it. Here is a list of some of my quirks. I’m curious as to which ones apply to you.

1. When someone says something funny, everyone laughs and then moves on. Meanwhile, I can’t help but keep thinking about the funny thing and continue to giggle (sometimes for hours). I’ve gotten in trouble in class several times for it.

2. I do not like artwork depicting people. Likewise, I do my best to avoid having people show up in my photos.

3. When it comes to chips and crackers, I prefer to eat the small, broken pieces first.

4. I can’t appreciate most poetry, with the exception of Robert Frost.

5. When I see people running because they’re in a hurry (and not for exercise), I silently cheer Go! Go! Go! for them in my head.

6. I have little interest in fiction. I tend to only read non-fiction, and when it comes to films, I prefer documentaries.

7. When I was in first grade, I decided to memorize the license plates of both my parents’ cars, because I thought it would be good to know. No one told me to do it.

8. I do not want my stuffed animals to face me while I’m changing clothes. Although I know that they really can’t see, the presence of eyes makes me feel watched. (Thankfully, they reside in another room now.) Edit for clarification: It’s not so much because I feel uncomfortable being watched, but more that I want my stuffed animals to retain their innocence.

9. When I’m indoors and hear someone outside sneeze, I am tempted to shout “bless you!” out the window.

10. I lose my appetite when I see dirt. I can’t eat while on hikes and picnics.

11. When I hear jazz, depending on how it sounds, I either laugh or become irritated. (I’ve tried, but I can’t appreciate jazz.)

12. I don’t regularly wear jewelry, but I enjoy making it. To me, jewelry is more of an art form than an accessory. I appreciate it for its beauty, intricacy, and the technical skill involved in creating it.

13. I regularly talk to a certain stuffed animal, even though I know he really can’t hear me or respond.

14. I tend to think certain inanimate objects have thoughts and feelings, even though rationally, I know they don’t. That’s why it can be hard for me to discard items. I often feel sorry for objects lying at the side of the road, and I don’t like it when people destroy stuff for “entertainment.”

15. I often notice the things that most people overlook. I have easily found tiny objects, such as contact lenses and earring backs, on the floor. Edit: On the flip side, I completely miss things that are large and obvious to other people.

Did any of these strike you as weird or not weird? Which of these apply to you, if any?


11 thoughts on “Some of my quirks

  1. I think we’re all quirky in one way or another. Some of these are really interesting. I like the cracker one alot. 🙂 The broken ones are more lonely. I can giggle for a long time over funny things.
    I wish I had the ability to memorize license plates. I have to know my license plate to pay for parking now. I look ridiculous repeating the number out loud until I get to the kiosk. I’m sure I have lots of quirks too.

    • I agree that everyone has their quirks. When memorizing license plates, I look for patterns and mathematical relationships between the numbers, or resemblances to other words. If I can’t find any, then I’ll have to do it the rote way, which is what I did when I was a kid.

  2. I agree with promisesunshine – we all have our quirks. Numbers 7 and 15 seems to be pretty useful though. I love Robert Frost’s poetry. And the chips and crackers things is interesting. 🙂

    Now I’m wondering what all of my quirks are. Hmm…

  3. none of these are any weirder than those of anyone else and maybe less or more than others. they only become a problem if we let them control us.
    as for your stuffed animals watching you…can real life people watch you?
    i dont wear jewelry and only wear a watch at work.
    i wont go into attics.
    i hate being late

    • I don’t really think of them as a problem. I wanted to share these because there was one person who said I’m not quirky. (I don’t believe he still reads this blog, but this is here if anyone else thinks the same thing.)
      Certain real life people can watch. It’s not so much that I feel uncomfortable being seen but that I feel the stuffed animals need to retain their innocence. 😀
      I think it’s normal for most men to not wear jewelry. When I meant to say was that I don’t love jewelry the same way most other women do.
      I’ve never been in an attic. I don’t think I would mind going into one that is regularly cleaned, but I doubt many are.
      I hate being late, too! 🙂

      • if you feel so, that is all that matters. it really is not what i think. i like the name and in some ways it does fit you. but i also like uruiami. 🙂 i feel you are very creative and have a creative mind. i guess i just dont use the word “quirky” to describe stuff. 🙂

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