The story that we wrote

Here is the hilarious story that we all contributed to! (If you’re not familiar with the prompt and instructions, they’re here .)

Three people were sitting around a campfire. One person farted. Then the second person also farted, and the third, too! As it turns out, all three of the campers had been afflicted by a mysterious outbreak of one of the most societally-awkward diseases known to mankind: the dreaded Fartingitis. As the campers wordlessly farted in unison yet again, they ruefully thought back to the unfortunate incident which had caused all of this in the first place.

“Could it have been the burritos we had for lunch?” thought the first. “Could it have been the scrambled eggs we had for breakfast?” thought the second. “Why, oh, why did I forget the beano?” thought the third.

The ending is left to your imagination, but it would be great if anyone wanted to continue where we left off.

Thank you to ddrkirbyisq and doctoreeew for contributing!

If fart jokes are not your thing but you enjoy writing stories, One More Story Games has a contest going on until the end of October, in which you can write a story and make it into an interactive game. Winners will be paid in royalties, so be sure to check it out!


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