Josephine knot bracelet–Which do you prefer?

I got the idea to make a Josephine knot bracelet using SilverSilk knitted wire. I’m not sure which way to orient the knot. I like it one way, but my boyfriend likes it the other, which is why I’d like to get input from other people.

In the following images I tried my best to simulate what the completed bracelet would look like. However, I did not fix the ends and am hiding them under my arm and hand, so the knot will appear looser and messier than it would if the ends were affixed.

Here is the vertical orientation.

This is the horizontal orientation. The knot got kind of loose and messy because I had a hard time holding the ends down.

Here they are, side by side, for easier comparison.
SilverSilk composite1

Which one do you prefer: vertical or horizontal?


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