Six months to live

This is a hypothetical but also possible situation. You have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and the doctor says you only have six months left to live. How will you spend your remaining time?

When I thought of this question, I was reminded of the quote saying to “live each day as if it were your last.” I first heard that when I was in high school, and I thought it was terrible advice because if I knew I was going to be dead tomorrow, then I wouldn’t do my homework or study. 😛

Six months is more time, so you can get more things done and can’t slack off entirely. Now if you were ill, the condition would probably worsen as time goes on, so you’ll need to take that into account.

When I asked my boyfriend this question, he said he would travel, to see all the places he wanted to see before he died. I’m sure many people would give that response, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, it’s not what I would do, since my thinking is, once I’ve died, it doesn’t matter what I’ve seen or not seen. Instead, I care more about what I leave for others. (Perhaps this has to do with caring too much about what others think of me.)

There are so many ideas that I have not realized yet. I have sketched my designs, but the sketch usually does not do it justice, and only I know how I intended the finished piece to look. (I use the word “intended” here because more often than not, the result is different from what I had first envisioned.) I don’t want people looking through my sketches and thinking “that’s weird/ugly” or wishing they could have seen the completed piece.

Thinking about this motivates me to take action while there’s still time, and try to make the things that have been lingering in the back of my mind or tucked away in a sketchbook. After all, unexpected changes of any nature can happen at any time, so even if it’s not death, something (e.g. an accident or disability) can suddenly occur and inhibit my ability to make things.

When I asked my boyfriend what he would do if we found out I only had six months to live, he said he would rush us to the county clerk-recorder’s office, so we could get married, and he would do his best to take care of me. I was touched that he would want to remain by my side and marry me, even though he knew the union wouldn’t be for long.

I’m sure many people would want to spend their last few months with their loves ones. I currently don’t feel connected enough to anyone outside of my immediate family, other than my boyfriend and one close friend, to want to let them see me while I’m dying. Besides, I’d rather be spending my time working on my jewelry and crafts so I can complete as much as possible. However, I would definitely want to have regular contact with my parents again. Hopefully they would be less harsh and critical of me, but my mom would most likely be forcing her religion on me (so that I won’t go to hell).

What would you do if you knew you only had six months left to live?


5 thoughts on “Six months to live

  1. i’m going to add to your question to say, 6 months to live and you will die suddenly and not be a lingering illness to death.
    by adding that part to the question, would let me do somethings that would make me feel my life had some sort of meaning, if that meaning was only recognized by me. i would travel to a place that my nursing skills would be appreciated by those that really needed it. that the care i could give meant something to them and not bitch about how long it took, or how much it cost, etc. i would like to meet the people that i have only known via the internet.i would take the time to just watch life unfold. i would bank my sperm in case someone thought enough to have a child. i would bank my dna in the off chance cloning would really happen.

    • I had thought of doing that at first, making it an exception to most illnesses in that your health doesn’t decline and you suddenly die at the end of six months, but then decided not to.

      It’s wonderful that you would want to help others. It’s interesting to see what matters most to people. Thank you for sharing.

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