My Third Knit Project: Bow Knot Scarf

DSCF7567qI had never seen a bow knot scarf until I came across a video tutorial for one on YouTube. Immediately, I knew I wanted one. I ended up watching five videos, which all showed it slightly differently. What made things trickier was that they all used different sized needles and yarn from what I had, so I had to come up with my own pattern. Unfortunately, I didn’t like the style of the scarf in the two English speaking videos. Luckily, the video in Arabic showed it quite clearly, so I understood how it was done even though I don’t know Arabic. I also watched a video in Spanish, which I can sort of understand, which demonstrated a much more elaborate version of the scarf.

My favorite scarf was the one in the Russian video. I noticed that she always slipped the first stitch, and did a different kind of stitch for the last stitch of each row. Since I don’t understand Russian, I had no idea how the last stitch should be done, or even what it’s called. I did a Google search for variations on a different last stitch in each row, and slipping the first stitch, and after more searching, I came across slip stitch selvedge edges. Sure enough, the edges of her scarf looked nice and neat, as opposed to bumpy, so I figured she was doing some kind of selvedge. However, it didn’t look like any of the styles I found. It appeared closest to the French style, but still not quite the same. (Maybe there’s a Russian style?) If any of you understand Russian and/or knitting and can tell me what she’s doing at the last stitch in each row, I would appreciate it.

DSCF7570qFor my scarf, I decided to just slip the first stitch purlwise, and knit the last stitch of each row. At first I wanted to make the narrow part in seed stitch for a different look, since many of the videos had that part ribbed, but didn’t feel comfortable doing so because of the selvedge, so I continued it in garter stitch. If I make another one, I will give seed stitch a try.

Since I didn’t have a pattern, I had to improvise as I went along. I often wasn’t sure if something was the right size or not. I ended up making it 24 stitches wide (using medium yarn weight #4 and size 8 needles), which works for me. If I were to make another one, I might add another two rows to the narrow (split) part. If I’m happy with the result, I might post the pattern.


Here’s how it looks worn. (The photographer did not tell me it was on crooked or that there were wrinkles on my shirt. :/ But he had a cold, so I don’t blame him.)

For the first split part, I didn’t have another set of knitting needles or a stitch holder, so I used some disposable chopsticks (that I had sharpened using a pencil sharpener) to hold the stitches. It worked well enough. Since the chopsticks weren’t perfectly smooth, I didn’t have to worry about them sliding out of the stitches, but that made it not easy to get them in and out from the stitches. I also had to transfer the stitches back onto the needle when I was ready to knit that part again. Meanwhile, with double pointed or circular needles, I could start knitting right away. I bought more needles before I got to the second split part.

All in all, I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve made, but I would like to knit another one. Since making this scarf I have learned different increases and decreases, so I would like to try them and see if they look better than what I’ve done here.


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