Night and Day Celestial Luminary

After I started ceramics again last October, I got the idea to make luminaries. The design for this one is entirely my own.

DSCF7299qI started out with square pieces that measured 2.5 inches wide, but after the firings, it shrunk down to a little over two inches. At least there’s still plenty of space for a tealight candle, as I had intended it for.

DSCF7296qThe dark blue glaze is a brush-on “midnight blue” glaze. The light blue glaze is Catalina crackle (which is not food safe). It is a dipping glaze, but I brushed it on, because I had already painted the dark blue half. Since Catalina runs, I needed to leave the bottom quarter inch bare, and as you can see, it flowed down onto there. I actually needed to reglaze it, because the first time I didn’t put enough on, so it was too thin and didn’t flow all the way down. This was my first time making anything with cut outs, and I learned from now on I need to clean up the glaze in the points on the stars, because it’ll stay there and fill them up.

Here’s how it looks with a lit candle inside.

DSCF7308qDSCF7309qIt wasn’t until after this that I thought maybe luminaries would look better and brighter if they were white, because it reflects light better. After all, the colors aren’t that obvious when it’s dark. But I’m still happy with what I’ve made.


5 thoughts on “Night and Day Celestial Luminary

    • Thank you. I’ve seen polymer clay mushroom incense holders, but I hadn’t thought of making a ceramic one because I don’t use incense. If I were to make a ceramic one, I’ll need to be careful to make the hole the right size, since it’ll shrink when it’s fired.

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