Mushroom House Candle Holder

When I first started ceramics in 2009, I had the idea to make a mushroom house candle holder, but I didn’t get around to it because I had to make the required projects for the class. When I got the opportunity to start making pottery again last fall, this was my first project.


The colors were various underglazes, covered with clear glaze. It was my first time using underglaze, but I loved it because it’s easier to apply and there are more bright colors available than with typical glazes. The white color is the color of the B-mix clay.

This is what it looked like after the bisque firing, prior to the glazing. (I only have this cell phone picture, which isn’t good.)


As you can see, the colors changed after the glaze firing. It is common for underglazes to become more vibrant after they are coated with a layer of clear glaze. Unfortunately, the green turned brown. šŸ˜¦ (This is usually due to the presence of zinc in the clear glaze.) Well, we are in a serious drought, so I couldn’t water the bushes! šŸ˜›


This is how it looks with a lit tealight candle inside. After the flame is extinguished, smoke rises from the chimney!

Shortly after I made this, I looked for photos of mushroom house candle holders online. One thing that stood out was that they were all much taller than this one, even though they were for tealight candles. I discovered the reason for that after burning a tealight candle inside for a few minutes. The “roof” became very hot, so that it was uncomfortable to touch. You could actually burn yourself on it. So if I were to make another one, I’d put more distance between the top of the roof and the candle. This is why I’m only using LED candles with this one.


With an LED candle.

This one took me about five hours to make, not including the time spent (messing up the first attempt and redoing) glazing. If I were to make more mushroom candle holders in the future, I’ll also try to make the roof/lid with a rim inside for stability. This lid does stay on pretty well, but it can slip off if bumped. I didn’t fall off when I took this photo. I was showing how it looks with the lid off.



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