My Second Knit Project: Stuffed Animal Vest

For my second knitting project, I decided to make a vest for my dear old plush bear, Lee Bay. I chose a vest because Lee Bay has stubby little arms that don’t really need sleeves.


I started by casting on 30 stitches and making a rectangle for the backside of the vest. Since Lee Bay is proportioned like a gummy bear, his backside requires more material to cover than his front.

To make the front, I started with the right (his left) side. I cast on 14 stitches and decreased them as I went up to make room for his arm. On my first try, I forgot to add the button hole, inadvertently making Lee Bay a she-bear. (I’ve always thought of Lee Bay as a he, but have been uncertain about it in recent years. I’m being silly.) I ended up redoing it because even though garter stitch doesn’t have a “wrong” side, it wasn’t until afterward that I noticed that the cast on stitches looked better from one side than the other.

I didn’t watch this whole video on knitting a baby peacoat, but from the parts I saw, I was introduced to casting on additional stitches after starting the project, which is what I did for making the parts that go over his arms.

I decided to use another one of those wooden beads for the button, since it really doesn’t matter how secure the button is in this case. I learned how to knit a one row button hole from this video. I had to experiment several times to get the correct hole size, because the hole got wider as I made subsequent rows. (When I first completed it, the yarn above was still tightly wound around the needle, but after adding more rows, the fabric could stretch.) Consequently, I had to decrease the size of the hole, so that it wouldn’t be too loose for the bead.

For the left side, I did the opposite of what I had done for the right side. Then I sewed all three pieces together. I didn’t realize how much stretch the knit fabric would have, so if I were to make something like this again, I would cast on fewer stitches, since this vest doesn’t fit as snugly as I had hoped, but it’s good enough.


10 thoughts on “My Second Knit Project: Stuffed Animal Vest

  1. adorable! (both the bear and the vest). I used to make clothes for all my stuffed animals all the time. It was great practice and unlike human models you can constantly resize or even sew fabric while it’s being worn!

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