My First Knit Project: Headband with Flower

In all honesty, I never really had much interest in knitting, until now. My little cousin showed me how to knit (using chopsticks) about seven years ago, but I never really got it. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to take up knitting, and it was only for the sake of having something convenient to do (that doesn’t require intense concentration or many components) while I have to be somewhere that I didn’t really want to be.


The headband was made so that the flower is worn on the right side, but it covered the bear’s eye, and I thought it looked better on her with the flower in the middle.

On that rainy flooding Thursday last December, I decided to try knitting. Prior to buying yarn, I had watched several beginning knitting videos on YouTube, so I felt ready. I was confused for a while about casting on because there were many videos showing “how to cast on,” but they each showed a different method and didn’t specify which one they were showing. That left me thinking, “I thought it looked different…???” Anyway, this was the video that made casting on the knit way clearer to me. Later, when knitting the flower, I learned the long-tail method from this video.

Since my cousin had successfully knitted a coaster using chopsticks, I thought I didn’t really need knitting needles, so I was cheap and didn’t buy any. I had bamboo chopsticks and metal ones, and I preferred the metal ones. This is what I ended up making. I learned how to do stockinette stitch from this dude. I wasn’t happy with the stockinette curl, so I took it all apart.


My first successful attempt at knitting, using chopsticks. I took it apart.

It wasn’t until I tried making a larger project that I realized the difference between knitting needles and chopsticks. Knitting needles have a point and then remain the same width all the way to the end. Meanwhile, chopsticks are more blunt at the tip and gradually taper, so the ends are wider and the stitches made at the beginning can’t be slid down the length of the chopstick. Since it wasn’t convenient for me to go to the store, I asked my sister for knitting needles for Christmas.

I started this piece not sure what it was that I was making. I thought of it as just practice, so I cast on ten stitches. Perhaps a stuffed animal would get a scarf. I decided to do seed stitch because I thought garter stitch didn’t look that attractive. Seed stitch looks interesting, but it required intense focus, since I needed to keep track of when to knit or purl. After a while it did become more automatic and I eventually found my rhythm.

Close up of the flower.

Close-up of the flower.

When I decided the practice strip was going to be a headband, I wanted to adorn it with a flower. Unfortunately, most of the tutorials were for crocheting flowers, or the knitted ones were a lot more advanced than what I was capable of. Luckily, I came across this tutorial for knitting dogwood blossoms. It was straightforward enough for a beginner like me to follow. Although the flower is quite pretty, it was too large for my project, so I modified it to make it smaller and five petaled. When I was securing it onto the band, I playfully wondered if that wooden bead would fit, and was surprised by how good it looked in there. (I had gotten a bunch of those wooden beads many years ago in a discount bag of craft supplies, and had no idea what to do with them, so I’m happy I got to use one.)

I am happy that my first project turned out nicer than I thought it would, and it actually looks quite cute when worn.


9 thoughts on “My First Knit Project: Headband with Flower

      • Next a vest for yourself — it’s easier than for an animal — the major difference is that it’s bigger, and small projects tend to get tricky!

      • Ironically, I actually have been better at making small things, and have a harder time with larger projects. But I do know what you mean because stitches were more likely to not line up as neatly when I did the smaller version of the flower. The bear is proportioned in a way that a vest would be pretty straightforward; his arms are too stubby for an actual sweater. 🙂

  1. i’m so impressed!! that’s adorable. i’m glad you got needles for christmas. i wonder if you need anymore. i got my aunt’s needles and bought an amazing case at a yardsale (that had needles in it) and have my own from when i thought knitting was fun.

    anyhow. i think that flower looks both difficult and adorable.

    i wonder if you could do socks. i’m afraid of trying them.

    • Thank you! I had intended to have as few needles as possible, but I probably am going to start accumulating them now. Like what you’ve found, I’ve read that yard sales are a good place to get inexpensive needles, and to also ask friends or relatives who no longer knit. I think my grandma might have some that she no longer uses.

      The flower only looks difficult, but being an experienced knitter, you’d probably be surprised at how straightforward it is when you know that each petal is made separately.

      Knitting socks looks complicated. I don’t think I’m going to try it (says the girl who didn’t want to try knitting 😛 ).

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