Peace plate

Here is another project that I made in 2009, that was previously posted on Xanga.

Since one of the assignments was to make a plate with words on it, I designed an ambigram of the word peace. I first carved it into the clay and then filled it with sky blue slip. After the slip dried I had to scratch off the excess. As a result of filling in the letters, my wonderful carving job does not show up.

The photos don’t show the colors accurately. The blue is actually a bright sky blue.

The picture is horizontal so you can turn your head to read the word from both sides. Easier than turning your screen upside down (unless you’re using a mobile device) or doing a headstand.


Unfortunately, it cracked during the bisque (first) firing.


It cracked more during the oxidation (second) firing, after I glazed it.

Unfortunately, Photoshop can’t fix things in real life. 😦

In the past I’ve said that I’ll definitely remake this if I have the chance, but I’m currently going through a luminary phase, so I think I might remake this if I run out of new ideas.


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