Autumn Kusudama Centerpiece

Over the course of this year I have been making Kusudama balls, and I was left with paper in colors that I wouldn’t normally use: orange, brown, and yellow. Luckily, they go well together and are fall colors. I also added some red and golden-yellow, which (in hindsight) goes better with the other colors than the bright yellow. Instructions for making a kusudama flower can be found here.

With Lee Bay, of course!


I was going for a dusky look, but it may have been too dark.


With Lee Bay, of course!


5 thoughts on “Autumn Kusudama Centerpiece

    • Thanks! I have one on my desk. I’m currently making a Valentine’s Day colored one, so I guess I’ll be rotating them from display to storage as the seasons go. I work on them during commercial breaks while watching TV.

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