A Random Memory From 2nd Grade

I was eating peanuts today when I recalled something that happened when I was in second grade.

I was standing under a tree during lunchtime, when I noticed a whole peanut (still in shell) on the ground. After I pointed it out, a girl (C) proceeded to stomp on it, to crush it. Another girl (H) noticed and protested C’s stomping by saying, “Hey, it’s eatable.” After C had gotten enough satisfaction crushing the shell, or maybe H stopped her (I don’t remember), H picked out the eatable portions of the peanut (which surprisingly weren’t smashed) from within the shell, and walked off, eating them.

I was amused at the time because this was a three-person effort: I spotted the peanut, C crushed it open, and H ate it. I was a bit surprised that H was eating the peanut, for two reasons. At the time I had never eaten a peanut directly out of the shell before (we bought the jars of already roasted ones) so I didn’t know it was eatable in that form. Also, someone had stomped on the peanut.

I have a tendency to remember trivial things. I have not kept in touch with C and H, and I doubt they remember the incident.


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