That beautiful leaf

I was taking a walk when I spotted a leaf with beautiful colors on the sidewalk. The way that the red and orange was distributed was gorgeous. I bent down to take a close photo of it.

P1080471e1A few days later I was looking at the photos I took that day, and came upon the photo of the leaf. I have noticed that my camera sometimes takes photos that have what looks like a crosshatching pattern over certain colors. Did it do that again? I wondered. But then I zoomed in closer, and noticed that parts of this leaf were fraying. That beautiful leaf was cloth! It was a fake leaf. No wonder it was too beautiful to be real.

I am amused that I never noticed the leaf was fake until I saw the photo.


8 thoughts on “That beautiful leaf

  1. there is beauty in real life. for how would the person who designed this “fake” leaf had a way to make it. cool photo
    i also feel you have beauty and you are not fake.

    • My boyfriend had taken a photo of that leaf with another one while standing, and from that distance, it looks indistinguishable from a real leaf. Since I took the photo closer, it is obvious. But I think it’s funny that I couldn’t tell it was fake at the time.

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