Felt chocolate cake

Over the weekend, I made this “chocolate cake” out of felt. It came as a kit sold by Daiso, that I received as a gift from my sister. It’s not the kind of thing I would have bought for myself, since I don’t sew much now, aside from mending. Although I had sewn doll clothes by hand when I was 10 or 11 years old, this was the first time I have sewn and stuffed something.


Measures about 2.75″ tall and 2.25″ wide.

The kit comes with felt, embroidery floss, cardboard, stuffing, patterns and instructions in both Japanese and English. The additional items that it says you will need are scissors, craft glue, dressmaker shears, a sewing needle, and a fabric marking pencil.

I do not have a fabric marker or dressmaker shears, but I was able to get by without them. I looked online for alternatives to a fabric pencil, and found that soap works. We have plenty of soap slivers, and it showed up on the darker colored pieces of felt. The only problem was with the white felt that was to be cut in a flower-like shape, which would have been difficult to approximate. It had occurred to me to pin the pattern to the felt and cut, but I was concerned that it would slip during the process. Then I read that some people use a sharp graphite pencil to mark fabric, so I tried that, and it showed up enough for me to trace the pattern. If I am to do more sewing projects in the future, then I’ll invest in a proper fabric marking pencil and dressmaker shears.


I wish I had taken photos during the process, but I didn’t plan on posting about this online at first, since it’s not my design. I decided to share it after all because it’s so cute!

My least favorite part was the gluing. I first tried a clear liquid glue, but that didn’t work too well, because the felt kept soaking it up. Unless I applied a generous amount of glue and put the pieces together immediately, it wouldn’t adhere, and parts of it were still separate. I had a small one-time-use tube of a white glue that came as part of two beaded suede bag kits that a friend gave me in high school. I had used one tube for both bags several years ago, but it had already dried out by now. I decided to try the other tube with this project. The white glue didn’t get absorbed by the felt as quickly, so it was able to do a better job of bonding. I wish I knew what kind of glue it was so I can buy more. It smells sour and has a bit of a stink.


Since I was having difficulty gluing, I ended up sewing the “cream” even though the instructions said to glue (or sew) it. It ended up looking more like one of those little cacti flowers, kind of like the red ones in this photo. At least now I will know how to make one if I ever have red or pink felt and want to make a little felt cactus. 😀

I ended up using a hot glue gun to glue the toppings to the top of the cake, since it bonds faster. I hadn’t used a glue gun in years, and that brought back memories of how the glue would be stiff and lumpy and leave strings. Well, that was because I wasn’t using it correctly. I still have a lot to learn, but I am more prepared now, if I were to do a similar project in the future.

Even though I ran into some difficulties along the way, I think I might buy the fruit tart kit the next time I go to Daiso.


5 thoughts on “Felt chocolate cake

  1. Very cute! Good job. Soap works really well, and you probably know that they make blue chalk markers ,that show up on light stuff. Got any chalk or pastels around?

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