Woven wire cuff

Saturday I went to a wire weaving class. It was my first time wire weaving, but the instructor said I was pretty good at it. The project that we were making was a cuff bracelet.


We were given 18 gauge copper wire for the base wires, so I decided to use my purple (actually “grape” colored) 26 gauge wire for the wrapping.

We were told to push the wrapped work up every few layers since this weave tends spring back. I wrapped quite tightly so I couldn’t push it much, but the instructor was still able to push it back some. Since I kept pushing my weaving up while I was doing it, I ended up chipping my thumb nail.


The class was two and a half hours long, but I stayed for three hours. The instructor was very helpful. By the end of the class, I had the basic cuff with the clasp completed, but I had to do the embellishments on my own. My fingers were sore, so I didn’t work on it the rest of the night and next day.


Yesterday morning I finally finished it. I will be honest: I had no idea what I was doing when I was doing the embellishments, but I still had fun! I accidentally scraped off the purple coating from parts of the cuff. 😦 I wish I hadn’t wrapped the top and bottom wires so tightly, because I could have used some more space to wind the wires that were holding the coils in place. It’s a learning experience.

I actually made my cuff a bit too large for my wrist, which made the wires for embellishing shorter. I might do the project again in different colors and make it my size.


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