Random question

One morning, you wake up and discover that your significant other has become a giant brownie (in the shape of him or her). There is a note addressed to you and signed by them saying that they have been irreversibly transformed into a brownie and their last desire would be for you to eat them, since they will otherwise go to waste. What would you do?

I don’t know why I randomly came up with that scenario, but we already knew that I am strange [and silly!].

I tried to put myself in that position. It would be very difficult for me. I would be sad to lose him, and given how the brownie is in the shape of him, I could not bear to eat it. I mean, had it been just a regular brownie, that might have made it easier. Thankfully, this is an unrealistic scenario that has no chance of happening.

Edit: Perhaps I didn’t make it clear, but I was joking when I came up with this.


6 thoughts on “Random question

  1. well they really would not go to waste as they would just get stale and hard, so they would last for some time. also you could spray clear lacquer on them to preserve them.

  2. That sounds like just a bad dream. I have a therapist friend who says he doesn’t put much more stake in dreams than that they are odd connectons of synapses. If it worries you, I’d talk with a counselor about it.

  3. Thankfully that is an unrealistic scenario! I really like brownies, but I also don’t want to eat a person, especially one of importance to me. I think I might give in eventually.

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