So men don’t mind eating worms?

In this season of summer fruits, we get tons of fresh fruit from our trees. One drawback of homegrown fruit, or organically grown fruit (basically no pesticides), however, is the possible unwelcome worm. I am a bit cautious every time I eat a homegrown peach, fearing that a worm might jump out upon my next bite. Whenever I bring this up, the men present always say “I don’t care. It’s extra protein,” or something of the like. Now, I’ve only heard that come from men,  and it seems like nearly all the men I know think that way.

Really? Guys, you don’t mind eating worms?

From the previous times that I posted this question, there were responses from men showing that they do look out for holes or use a knife, indicating that there are some who do care. Perhaps the guys I’ve encountered who say “extra protein” actually do care when they’re alone, but want to sound macho in front of other people.

Are there any women who use the same “extra protein” reasoning?

Remember, what’s worse than finding a worm in your peach? Half a worm.

Originally posted on Xanga Thursday, August 25, 2011 9:47 PM


4 thoughts on “So men don’t mind eating worms?

  1. I think it’s because it’s a fun way to tease you.

    Once I found worms in some chocolate. Then later I read in the newspaper about it happening to someone else. The insects come in the cocoa beans from tropical countries, and lay eggs in the chocolate plant. Um, I didn’t eat the chocolate.

  2. well this guy says…..ewwwwwwwww…… and i might sya that line as a joke.
    when i say this on my phone, i thought it said: so men dont mind eating women. lol

  3. Some men never grow up, and if I remember my elementary years correct, boys love gross things and grossing out girls. Also some like doing or saying alarming things like that in order to get attention or, as you suggest, be macho. My boyfriend regularly suggests elaborate, possibly illegal schemes for us to try, mostly to avoid some sort of red tape and/or payment. I’m reasonably sure that he’s not totally serious most of the time, and he’s just teasing.

    I’m also reasonably sure that most civilized men would not willingly eat a worm for protein unless they were starving or something. But maybe they might on a dare, or to impress a girl.

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