I miss the old Xanga

After Xanga 2.0 started, I’ve signed in only a few times. I was able to update for a few days until my premium subscription ran out. Since then I’ve gone on every two months or even less frequently to read some people’s blogs. It seems to me that most of the bloggers left are the more mature folks who had money to pay to keep blogging. (I’m not purposely being ageist–that is one thing they all have in common!)

This past year I haven’t been that active of a blogger as I was the year before, but when I was, I primarily stuck to WordPress. I had a Blogger site lying around unused so I initially didn’t want to make any more accounts, but since it looked as though the vast majority of Xangans I knew migrated to WordPress, I decided to, too. Still, I’ve lost 90% of my Xanga friends. WordPress has been fine and it really wasn’t that difficult to learn how to use. The only problem for me is that since there are so many users, it’s hard to find other bloggers with similar interests.

Back when I was on Xanga, I stayed away from the sites that constantly showed up in Top Blogs. Those people get swamped with so much traffic that a little more doesn’t matter to them. Instead, people with less traffic were more likely to check out my site in return. I really liked the “quick browse” function in which I could find recently updated sites. I found some interesting blogs that way.

Due to the suggestions of some finicky Xangans who tried out a bunch of different blogging platforms last summer, I decided to give Blogster a try. It seemed promising at first. It’s good to get a glimpse of who’s on and the recent posts, since that way you can encounter other users easily, but I think because of that feature, people are less likely to subscribe, because they can find you again easily. I’ve read about people complaining about the drama and how there are a ton of arguments about politics and religion. I prefer to avoid those kinds of things. I had moved some of my old Xanga posts that I didn’t want to post here to my Blogster site.

I didn’t want to create a Tumblr because I associate that site with teens, but I’m wondering if I should make a Tumblr blog for my jewelry business (when it happens). Today I discovered that you can use Disqus for comments on Tumblr.

I’ve felt different about WordPress because I think of it as being more sophisticated than Xanga. Since I share my posts on Facebook, I’ve avoided posting about my personal life here. Instead I keep a private blog for my boring personal ramblings. It’s quite challenging to manage multiple blogs at the same time, which is why I’ve devoted most of my effort to this one.

I’m just rambling so I’ll stop now.


10 thoughts on “I miss the old Xanga

  1. Yes, I am with you. I miss the old xanga too. I have a blog site but rarely use it–wp is what i use but i lost a lot of xanga friends too. It’s not the same.. still I enjoy the blogging process so….

  2. I’m surprised that Xanga is still open for business. The last time I checked it out, nothing new had been added or improved. But, I do miss some of my old friends. Some of them comment here now and again. I just blog on WP and do a little Facebooking and Twittering. On Twitter, I found a bunch of women who are fans of Alex O’loughlin, so, it’s kind of fun.

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