Bead and wire herringbone bracelet

Yesterday I attended a class in which I learned to make this bracelet.


I didn’t have time to finish the whole thing during the two-hour class, so I finished it at home. We were told that we needed about eight beads, and I had completed seven sections during the class. Since I have a small wrist, I only really needed to make five sections and the clasp to have the bracelet fit. The clasp that I used was one that I had made in a previous class in December, so all the metal parts were made by me.

I had a bit of a hard time doing the weave since sometimes I do things as a left handed person would, meaning that what I make is a mirror reflection of what most right handed persons would make, even though I’m using my right hand. (I started out a lefty but was forced to switch to writing with my right hand.) But I still managed to copy the instructor’s example.

One problem that I ran into was how my wire looked very scrunched around the beads. At least that was partially fixed by bending the ends backward and pushing the beads forward. I could have also made more layers if I had been using a thinner wire, such as 24 gauge or 26 gauge. At first I was thinking that I didn’t want to do this project again, but I might try it again with 24 gauge wire, and do some of the other variations on the outermost layer.


As you can see, my weave was a bit messy. The seed beads on the outside are iridescent, but the colors didn’t show up that well in the photo.


11 thoughts on “Bead and wire herringbone bracelet

  1. Very cool! Your wire work looks good and it’s a pretty bracelet. I quit doing it because I got sick of polishing silver. I have some sterling wire you can have if you want it. If you do, email me. I think you can get the address on WP.

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