Random Questions

  1. What makes certain dried fruits chewy?
  2. If while eating, you accidentally bite off a small piece of your mouth and swallow it, does that count as cannibalism?
  3. Is there really a correlation between penis size and race? What about vagina size and race?
  4. Do old animals get wrinkly, but you can’t tell because it’s under their fur?
  5. In some countries it’s common to have names that are 15+ characters and 5+ syllables long. Those names are confusing to most Americans, but I guess the people in those countries are used to hearing such long names. Or do they get confused as well? Do they have better memory as a result?
  6. How do people with super long nails wipe their butts?
  7. Alcohol is an ingredient in most mouthwashes. Does this mean that those who drink alcoholic beverages have fewer germs in their mouths?
  8. Why is cereal usually eaten with milk? Does anyone eat cereal with water, juice, soda, or beer? (And not by accident, either.)
  9. Why are some bananas more curved and others are more straight?
  10. Is it true that all people think other people’s poop smells worse than their own? (I don’t know if I’m biased, but I’ve heard that vegetarian poop supposedly doesn’t smell as bad as meat eater poop.)
  11. Does anyone else think it sounds stupid—not cute—when adults mimic baby talk?

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