Fused glass for Valentine’s Day

About two weeks ago I attended a fused glass class. It was my very first time working with glass, but the process was pretty easy. Unfortunately, I got cut by a tiny speck of glass (and bled), but I had the idea to use adhesive tape to remove the glass pieces. You don’t want to attempt to wipe the glass flecks off because that will only push them in deeper.

The instructor had gotten glass hearts since Valentine’s Day was coming up, so I decided I might as well use them in my projects. We were going to make a 5 inch plate, a pair of earrings, and two pendants. Since I was in need of a Valentine’s Day gift for my boyfriend, I decided to make the plate for him, and used his favorite colors.  After all, it would be the only item from that day that he could use, since he doesn’t wear jewelry.


The white squares have an iridescent finish, but it’s not visible in the photo. I originally intended them to be 2 inches by 2 inches, but I miscalculated so they were 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches. The heart in the bottom right was made by painting a heart shape with glue and sprinkling frit on it.



Instead of making earrings, I made another pendant. It wasn’t until afterward that I figured out how I could have made dangly earrings, even if the bail would not fit in the loop on the clips that I have.


I have no idea why the backside turned out that way. It’s a textured, metallic green that spilled over around the edges. Perhaps that piece of black glass actually was dichroic on the other side, and I didn’t notice it. Now I’m thinking I should have just layered the back with red, but it’s too late.

 I wish I had taken photos of my work before it went into the kiln, since it looked a bit different then. I did not expect the two small hearts surrounded by white to go completely flat, since in the examples where they were used on stud earrings, they were more domed (because the area was smaller. When the glass melts, it likes to do so in as round a shape as possible.) I would very much like to attend another fused glass workshop, and then I will carry out my original idea for a plate, using blues and aquas. I also have more ideas involving triangles.


8 thoughts on “Fused glass for Valentine’s Day

  1. Cool. Glass is a very interesting medium. I used to think that i wanted to make lamp beads, but I decided I should leave that to the experts! It’s best not to let me play with fire!

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