Beaded bookmark

A couple of weeks ago I took a jewelry making class held by a Meetup group. Although I have worked with wire before, I learned the proper technique for many things.

The plan was to bring beads to make a complete necklace, but since it was a four hour long class, we were all exhausted by the end so we simply assembled what we had worked on into a bookmark. The instructor did an example with two of the brown beads and one leaf, and that is what the rest of the class did, but I decided to use all three of my brown beads and both leaves.


I decided to give it to my boyfriend for Christmas because he regularly reads books. I wanted to give him something nice and special since he has been so kind, supportive, and generous to me. Given how I don’t have much money or time to go shopping, I was agonizing over what to get him, so I was happy I could give him something that I made and he could use.


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