Stenciled on the sidewalk

I mentioned a few months ago that I saw a heart shaped design made up of tools, spray painted on the ground. This morning I walked past that corner again, but with my camera. The red paint had faded quite a bit and there wasn’t much light, since it was in the shade at that time of day, so the picture did not come out as clear as I hoped. Someone had left a glob of chewing gum on the edge and there was also a twig nearby.

I did a little editing using Pixlr, and was quite satisfied with the results. (It was also quite easy to use, since it is laid out similarly to Photoshop.)

Then I decided to have some fun with the editing, since while I was adjusting the contrast before I corrected the color balance, I thought increasing the contrast by a lot looked neat.

I’m curious if this is a symbol for something. I hope it’s not gang related, though it doesn’t seem likely that it would be in this area. Have any of you seen this design before? Do you know what it stands for, if anything?

Originally posted on Xanga 5/5/2012


7 thoughts on “Stenciled on the sidewalk

  1. Interesting. It’s like a piece of decorated paper that has been cut in such a way as to make the design into something. I realise that’s not what it is, but the design does look as if it’s part of something bigger. Maybe it was a marker for someone to identify a place? I would like to know,too.

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