Defining your ideal self

I wrote this on March 29, 2011, back when my life was lacking in structure and I was upset with myself.

My ideal self is not an entirely different person. Rather, it is still me, but to the best of my potential. It is the me after all that extra effort has been applied to things that I normally neglect, such as my appearance. My ideal self still looks like me, but the things that I do have control over, such as my skin, hair, and fitness are better.

In my ideal self, the better aspects of my personality are amplified, and my shortcomings are minimized.

My ideal self is still introverted, but makes an effort to socialize, instead of walling up at home.

My ideal self loves her body and takes good care of it. This means accepting the things that cannot be changed (such as height), and staying fit and healthy.

My ideal self does not bring on self-loathing, but rather inspiration.

My ideal self is not super energetic, but is the me when I have energy and do not idle.

Being who I am instead of striving to be whom I am not will save a lot of frustration and disappointment.

There are no absolutes. I am not lazy all the time, and I don’t procrastinate every time (or do I?). I believe that if I’ve done something once, I can do it again, even if it’s not how I usually behave. In other words, it’s already in me. It’s just up to me to focus and control myself, but going against my impulses is far from easy.

I’m not sure if I am not being ambitious enough, if I am keeping my dreams and potentials from being realized by thinking about being what I am, rather than trying to be what I’m not. But I suppose if I have it inside me, I will not limit myself because I will be drawn to the pursuits that interest me, and devote my time and effort to them.


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