The sky at twilight today

From my desk at work, I noticed the sky was pink, orange, and purple, so I stepped outside with my camera. After I returned, my boss asked me if something looked pretty outside, so I said that it was pretty outside. That got some of the kids interested, and they went to look. One girl used her cell phone to take a picture. We all heard a boy say “whoa…!” rather loudly, and the teacher had to tell him to come back in, which was quite amusing.


The view changed after I returned to my desk, so that there were three pink stripes of clouds, but I felt self-conscious going outside to take more photos (since the kids would look at me), so I didn’t (even though I really wanted to).


8 thoughts on “The sky at twilight today

  1. never hesitate to take a photo as you will be mad that you didnt. and if someone is watching? they are just jealous that they are not doing the same. nice capture

    • Thank you. Yeah, I usually tell myself to go ahead and take it when I want to, since the lighting will change very quickly. There were a few drivers who stopped a bit, and were probably wondering “what the heck is she doing?” I was mostly concerned that my boss would think I was weird for going outside again to take more shots, and I told myself to be satisfied with the ones I already got.

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