The Allure of Halloween

I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with Halloween because it was forbidden in our household due to religious reasons. On Halloween night we would all hang out in a room at the back of the house, pretending to not be home, while there were kids outside engaging in some kind of “evil activity.” My mom would get me excused from the party and parade in the afternoon at school. When I was in third grade a classmate gave me a very hard time for that. She accused me of cutting class because I was leaving but wasn’t sick (I was ditching the party, for heavens sake), and even surmised that I hated candy since I wasn’t on a diet. (Kids can be so mean, but I digress.) I still got lots of candy from my mom and we had plenty of candy any time of year, so I didn’t really care much for the candy aspect of Halloween.

Carved Mellowcreme Pumpkin

I carved a mellowcreme pumpkin. (The mouth was the hardest.) I didn’t feel like hollowing it out, but maybe I will later if I’m bored. Yes, I play with my food, so what?

Now I see Halloween as just another commercialized holiday. The decorations are the ugliest out of any other holiday–come on, the rest of the year we’re trying to get rid of the spider webs–but I still find myself drawn to the little spooky towns in autumn sunset lighting (analogous to the jolly, snow-covered, light up Christmas villages). I wouldn’t actually want to own one, though. But I love that there are so many glow-in-the-dark things for Halloween.

I first wrote this post two years ago. This is the first year that I am out of my parents’ house on Halloween and have an outfit that could serve as a costume. (I’ve been wanting to dress up as a dominatrix for the past six years.  I don’t like any of the dominatrix costumes, though, so I wanted to put together my own. I also thought it would be funny to construct my whip out of licorice, so I’ll be the sweetest dominatrix out there! 😉 ) However, this year Halloween falls on a Thursday, and I have work the next day. Most people celebrated the weekend before, but I was moving.  I’m too old for trick-or-treating and I won’t be attending any parties. My costume definitely isn’t appropriate for me to wear to work! I also don’t think I’d be comfortable wearing it in public if I weren’t accompanied by my boyfriend. So once again, I won’t be celebrating Halloween.

These are some of my favorite Spooky Town displays:
Diane Greco 2008
Georganne Williams 2008

John and Joanne Kneski 2008

More can be found here.


3 thoughts on “The Allure of Halloween

  1. I celebrated Halloween growing up (though my daddy is a pastor) but early in our marriage, Abba convicted us of not celebrating it (not judging anyone who does) so my kids haven’t gone trick or treating, dressed up, given out candy or even gone to the trunk or treats at churches. We stay home, turn off the outside lights, watch tv together, eat popcorn and/or frozen pizza. It’s fun.

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