Organic jerks need seasoning too!

I came across this in a store today.

I found it mildly amusing, since I had never heard of jerk cooking before. Were there people who actually think, he was such a jerk that I had to cook and season him! Of course, if there is any truth to “you are what you eat,” then you wouldn’t actually want to eat a jerk. 😛

Here’s the description on the package.
IMG_6424r Ah, so that’s what it is!

After I got home I Googled “jerk seasoning” to learn more about it. According to Wikipedia, jerk is a type of Jamaican cooking in which the meat is dry-rubbed in a very spicy seasoning. That’s a good enough explanation for this vegetarian girl who doesn’t know much about cooking. Then again, if any of you wish to share your knowledge about jerk seasoning, you’re welcome to do so.


13 thoughts on “Organic jerks need seasoning too!

  1. You can use the seasoning on meat substitutes or on mushrooms and beans. That particular combination would be great with beans. Just add some onions. There are better combos that would taste good with mushrooms. The nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and cloves just don’t sound like they would go to well with a mushroom, but I could be wrong. It would probably go well with butternut squash. I would even use it to spice up a butternut squash soup. They have recipes on google to use with mushrooms. It’s probably cheaper to buy the spices separate and mix your own jerk (hehheh) as needed.

  2. when i went to jamaica you could get jerk meat from people that were on the side of the road. it was a bit too spicy for me but if toned down some it is nice. you could add it to “fake” meat like erika says and i think it would be tasty. i will try it on mushrooms some time as i love me some ‘rooms! 😉

  3. I love McCormick Carribiean Jerk Seasoning on pork, tofu and fish. I have to go to Top Food sin the city to get it and it is well worth the trip.

  4. According to the Wikipidia, I think Jerk would go well with Tofu and mushrooms, like Sichuan style Tofu with mushrooms.

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