How I see the world

Here are some photos that I took from 2009 to 2011, when I was first starting to be interested in photography. The photos and the text have all been posted before on my old blog (uru_n_imi), which is now defunct.

Autumn (2009, 2010)

None of my photos ever turn out the way I envisioned them to be. I have long ago concluded that my eyes (actually brain) sees things differently from the way my camera does, so I can never quite capture exactly what I saw and how I saw it. That, or my photography skills and lenses aren’t good enough.

“You can’t see the forest for the trees” describes me pretty well. Perhaps that’s why I can’t see the the tree for the leaves, literally.

Fraction of the view from a window at my Dad’s workplace, last December.

This one was taken about a year ago, shortly after sunset.
My eyes were drawn to the vine, but I guess I was missing the bigger picture.

Shadows cast by an autumn sunset (2010)

As a child, I was drawn to bright beams of light juxtaposed with shadows. Morning light has always been my favorite, though sunsets also produce beautiful, fleeting effects. None of these photos have been edited.

There were actually two candles, but it didn’t look right, so I cropped the image. However, the wick is not very visible on this one, and I liked how the sunlight shone on the wick of the other one, making it stand out against the dark background. The red was also brighter and stood out. Maybe I’ll post that one someday.

Spring 2011

This was actually taken back in early February, when it was unusually warm for a few days. I thought that Californians were lucky to have such nice weather, while the people on the east coast still had snow. (This was right after I came back from my trip.) Ironically, it’s been unusually cold in this part of California this May–feels more like March–so we weren’t that lucky after all.

Buds of peach blossoms. They really were hot pink!

It’s not spring without tulips! But they don’t last very long.

Apple blossoms (2011)

The interesting thing about these apple blossoms is that the buds are a bright pink, but when the flower actually opens, it’s a pale pink.

This was how it looked April 10th.

The same branch, six days later.

I would like to believe that my photography skills have since improved.


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