This is a rant

This will be one of the few times that I will publicly complain on here.

I wonder how many of my fellow displaced Xangans have also experienced this.

The vast majority of my non-Xangan followers are just people who are trying to advertise their own site (notorious are Project AWOL, “make money off your blog” sites, or vacation advertisements). This is analogous to the people on Xanga who go around mass friending, just to try to get more readers for their blog. (That was why I developed my policy to not accept friend invites unless the user has left relevant comments on at least two unique posts. It shows that they’re actually interested in reading what I write.)

Thankfully, WordPress is not a social network, so if such individuals choose to follow me, I have no problem with ignoring them. After all, they might “like” a post and never read another word I write again. They may have gotten my attention the first time I get a notice that they’re following my blog, but that’s all the attention they’ll ever receive from me. Maybe that’s all they care for as well.

On a related note, I am selective about which blogs I choose to follow. I do not automatically follow back if you follow me. However, if I’m not already following you, every time you leave a comment, I will visit your site. If this happens enough times, I may eventually start following your blog.

If you haven’t noticed already, I care a lot about reciprocity, which means I am bound to feel disappointed more often in this world of one-sided relationships.

Edit: After thinking about it some more, Project AWOL seemed more and more like one of those pyramid schemes, since more and more bloggers have showed up advertising it. Their sites say make money by blogging, but they barely have any posts on their sites, other than a few advertisements. My hunch was that they try to get people to pay for their “secrets” for getting rich, which basically turn out to be: perpetuate the same scam. I’ve read about such tactics before. Then I decided to do a Google search for “projectawol scam,” and lo and behold, I came across this and this.

Update: It appears that such blogs are not allowed on WordPress.


17 thoughts on “This is a rant

  1. I haven’t heard anything from Project AWOL yet and I have only been visited by one person who was selling stuff on their site. Well, one guy is promoting his book, but since I like his stuff I don’t care. I am actually starting to like WordPress and I may actually start to look around for non-Xangans.

  2. Good deal. Well said. I agree, agree and agree. I look forward to reading more. Its great to mention the Project AWOL and scam in the same sentence as to continue to pass the word around to unsuspecting broke blogging artists. I like that this is a rant because I often rant as well. One ? though. What are Xangans lol. I often suffer from delayed comprehension and lack of exposure so please take no offense to my oblivion. JB πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for stopping by. I thought your post on Project AWOL being a scam was helpful. I often rant but I usually don’t like to post them publicly.

      lol, no offense taken! πŸ™‚ Xangans are members of the blogging site, which is now near its end. Hence, many of us have migrated over to WordPress.

  3. It’s odd, but I feel a bit annoyed when someone “follows” my WP blog who isn’t a Xangan (or at least I don’t recognize them as such). I’ll just have to get used to it, I guess once I start blogging regularly over here.

  4. So far only one non-Xangan has followed me here. That I know of. There are some who I think were Xangans, but they’re using different names and I wasn’t close to them on Xanga so maybe they weren’t? I don’t know. Anyway, my one, non-Xangan follower has not yet commented or liked any of my posts. If it had been a friend request, I would have denied it, but you can’t stop people from following you, I don’t think? I don’t know.

    I am the same way with friending people on Xanga and on the internet in general. I don’t usually send out friend requests to people because I feel like I’m putting them on the spot. On Xanga, I would subscribe to someone and then, sometimes they would subscribe to me and sometimes not. Sometimes I would comment on dozens of their blogs before they even got around to visiting me. I didn’t mind. Sometimes they would end up being friends with me and sometimes not. But I don’t see the point of friending or following someone you’re never going to comment on. And I don’t accept requests from someone who has never visited me, or visited me once and never again, and clearly just wants me to visit them.

  5. I am the same way, although I’m a little quicker to accept friend requests – if the turn out to be one of THOSE, I just remove them later. But when I first signed up on WP I started to get really annoyed at the number of those blogs that were really commercial like, and seemed like they only followed just to increase the number of blogs they were following – I’m guessing they were hoping I’d follow back. Nope. Bleh. I’m really tired of this madness that has struck people to think they can make it big by blogging – which I’m not denying is a total possibility but everyone and their dog seems to think they can. And it’s just. You know. Annoying.

  6. I am still with Xanga, but opened two new blogs just in case. Now I have new and old Friends.

    Sounds like I did it different than you in Xanga—much bigger ego. lol I relied to every comment and then went to their site, read and left a comment—much of the time—not 100% .

    Maybe because I am old, I simply cannot read long blogs, especially with small font and no subject paragraphing.

    I found an article in a Pentecostal magazine that was about how to have a successful blog. It was excellent —to me at least and applied it.

    The only hinderance to more readers in Xanga was it was for Friends only. Some family members try to find me and then shove what I wrote down my throat. lol So I got very cautious.


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