Random thoughts

1. I feel guilty when it comes to mealtimes on days when I haven’t been productive. Then I remind myself that prison inmates still eat.

2. When I change clothes in my room, I always feel like my stuffed animals are watching me.

3. I have an idea for a bra made of beads. Perhaps I should start my own exotic wear line.

4. I wonder if any crush fetishists find stepping on spiders, cockroaches, crabs, or anything other than small cuddly mammals arousing. How about sea urchins and porcupines?

Not that I want crabs, sea urchins, and porcupines to get stomped to death. Spiders are another story, but stomping out all the spiders will disturb the whole balance of the ecosystem, etc. I don’t approve of crush fetishes anyway.  (I wouldn’t even consider it to be a fetish, since fetishes by definition involve inanimate objects, unless I’m looking at it too narrowly.)

5. I wanted to try red velvet cake only because it was red. I liked it.

6. I ordered Drunken Noodles at a Thai restaurant, simply because of the name. It was good, though super spicy, and I didn’t get drunk from it. (Not that I wanted to.)

7. The Black Knight offers a class but no one dares to take it, because “None shall pass!” (OK, that was a lame joke… but don’t agree!)

8. I want to line the path to my future house with bioluminescent mushrooms. They actually glow all the time, but the light is only discernible in the dark.

9. I don’t think it’s right to criticize people’s singing if you’re not a good singer. However, I have no problem with criticizing people who really don’t deserve widespread audiences.

10. My dream house would have a central courtyard that would have a zen rock garden, and maybe a tiny stream or a fountain.

11. Does anybody’s skin tone actually match the color of adhesive bandages? I always felt bad as a kid when my skin was much darker than band-aids. They were a better match for my sister.

12. Something that has never made sense to me: a pickup truck with a tail fin. It doesn’t match. No offense if you like it.


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