Dream Places

Several ancient civilizations believed that dreams were the result of soul travel, hence, waking a sleeping person might kill them if the soul didn’t have enough time to return to the body.1 It’s obvious that the latter part is not true, and perhaps neither is the first, but I have wondered if some of my dream imagery is from places that I’ve never been to, but do exist.

I often dream of magnificent places that I have never seen (in person or picture) and they seem so real, yet impossible at the same time: a library with a glass tower from which there is an extraordinary view of the city; a small, cozy village up in the hills by a bay or lake; a cemetery on a hill with colorful, intricately painted grave markers that stand four or five feet tall. (Hm… I notice a recurring trend of being in higher elevations.)

I found this picture in a photo blank from a Photoshop class. It was the closest thing that resembled the colorful grave markers.

As a kid I used to wonder if people (that I knew in real life) who appeared in my dream were also having the same dream at the same time.  I have since confirmed that that doesn’t happen. I also used to think that when I woke up, the other people in the dream would witness me disappearing (Oh, she’s gone now), so if I were being chased, my pursuers would suddenly lose the one they were after.

My belief is that people have souls, and I do think it would be neat to visit places in my sleep. However, if dreams really are just the result of random rapid firing of neurons in lower areas of the brain with the higher areas trying to make sense of them, as the activation-synthesis hypothesis suggests, then there goes all the possibilities of my dream places being real.

1. Van de Castle, Robert. Our Dreaming Mind. 1994

Original post 11/12/10 1:10 PM


2 thoughts on “Dream Places

  1. I believe your spirit is ageless and in fact it is possible to remember places it has been before this earthly experience (past earthly experience). Not only remember, but travel in your sleep around the earth and universe. You have dreams and dreams that are spiritual travel moments. If you remember a dream that you are flying, slow, or fast with stars flying past fast you..you are probably travelling in spirit.

    If you happen to wake around 3am with a feeling or thought, or just wake and wonder why 3 again..write down on a paper beside your bed the first thing that pops up in your mind. I’ve learnt that this is the time in the night when your spirit most travels and infuses information to benefit your human body experience here on Earth.

    Thank-you for your post, I havn’t come across a question like this in wordpress yet, and very happy to share my belief. 🙂 Tara 🙂 I think I need to write a poem on this! Thank-you again.

    • Thank you for sharing this interesting information! I have yet to remember having a dream in which I am flying past stars, but I will be on the lookout for it. Recently I’ve been waking up often at 4 AM, but the next time I wake up at 3, I will pay attention to my thoughts then.

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