Beach trip

Although I first learned about sea glass when I read this article back in 2010, I didn’t become interested in actually finding some until last week. That’s when I decided I needed to go to a beach before leaving Massachusetts. Although there are plenty of beaches in California, the northern California ones are rocky and windy. (Interestingly, those beaches are good locations for finding sea glass. However, once I get home, I won’t have the freedom to go to the beach.) All the “best” beaches for recreation in Massachusetts are on Cape Cod, but I don’t have a way to get there.

I researched what I could about finding sea glass on beaches. Although Revere Beach isn’t known for sea glass, it was listed as a beach where sea glass could be found, and it is accessible by subway. The station is just a short walk from the beach.

My original plan was to go there with my sister on Sunday at noon, because low tide was at 1:00 PM. However, we were both very sleepy on Sunday, so we didn’t go anywhere.

On Monday afternoon I had a PT appointment. The weather forecast included thunder storms after 3 PM, so I thought going to the beach wouldn’t be a good idea. Besides, low tide was during my appointment. I didn’t get out until after 3:30. By then it was 81 °F and muggy outside, and it didn’t look like there would be a thunder storm, so my sister and I headed off to the beach.

We stayed there until about 5:30 PM.

 Although the temperature at the beach was reported to be 81 °F, it felt much cooler there. There was a breeze, but it wasn’t terribly windy. Still, I felt I needed to wear a sweatshirt, and thankfully my sister let me use hers.

I was amazed by all the sea shells on the sand. I have never seen such a sight before, since all the beaches I’ve been to were just rocky, with little sand, and practically no shells, but lots of seaweed. The flatness of Revere Beach makes it not as good for sea glass finds. However, after stopping to look at and pick up shells, I finally made my way to the tide line. Amongst the pebbles, I spotted something green and frosted.

My first piece of sea glass, though it’s not where I found it. I thought that little claw was cute.

I was excited to have actually found a piece, even though it was green and not worth much. Afterward, my sister started finding them, and she turned out to be better at it than I am. She found the brown and white piece. Those three are the most common colors, of course. I don’t really care for finding orange, even though it’s the rarest, simply because I don’t like the color orange. I also found part of the bottom of a bottle. I don’t think it was that great, since the whole piece wasn’t frosted, but I decided to keep it. I threw several pieces back into the water because they were still not completely frosted yet. Looking at the pieces I collected, I now think I could have left a lot of them behind. However, I do like the sea foam green one that I found.

The sea glass that my sister and I found. It’s not that great, hehe.

I plan to go back to the beach before leaving Massachusetts, since the low tide will be negative next week. The time on the day when it is lowest is quite early, but the next day it’s at 8:30 AM, which I think isn’t too bad. If I can get up at 6 AM I can arrive by 7:30. Sunrise is at 5, after all. I hope the weather will be nice.

The thought of going out to the beach by myself makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but after going with my sister, I know what to expect, so I think I will be fine. I am not sure if it’s worth it for me to bother going again, but I didn’t look at the whole beach last time. Also, it wasn’t sunny, so it was hard to discern dark glass from rocks. (Then again, they could have all been rocks.) Even if I don’t find any sea glass, I might still be able to take some nice photos.

Tiny shells on a large one. The smallest ones measure 7 mm.

Original post 5/22/13 8:18 PM


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